3 December 2013

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher

As you may know by now, I'm pretty obsessed with Korean cosmetics, not only is the packaging super cute, but there are awesome products for great affordable prices! And when I saw this blush from the Korean brand The Face Shop, I couldn't resist myself from purchasing it. 

The blusher is housed in a round card pot, although it wouldn't be as sturdy as plastic, but it is still quite durable. The packaging has a coral, blue and white colour scheme, with cute patterns around it. Furthermore, there is a very soft and fluffy puff included inside, and it surprisingly applies the product quite nicely onto my cheeks. Not only this, but the packaging is compact, so it would be great for travelling, however, the fact that there isn't a mirror included can be a possible downside. 

There are five shades in total available from this range, I have #02 Coral Cushion, and as the name suggests, the blush is a coral colour, and also includes small silver shimmer running through it. However, the shimmer isn't very obvious on the cheeks, unless you look closely, it gives a nice glow to the skin. 

The blush doesn't seem to swatch very well, and it looks as if there's practically no pigmentation at all, but it is quite pigmented when applied on the cheeks, an can even look clown-like if you're not careful. The texture of the blush isn't amazingly smooth, but it isn't overly powdery either. It applies very nicely onto my cheeks, and is easily blendable. 

Overall, I really like this blush, and I would definitely want to purchase some of the other shades too. However, this is  a Korean product, so it would be difficult to get a hold of if you aren't in Asia unless you order it online. I purchased mine from ebay for under £5, which is super affordable, and a great bargain!

Be sure to comment down below on your favourite Korean cosmetics! xx


  1. The packaging on this blush is absolutely adorable! I'm actually not a fan of blushes which are too pigmented because it makes it too easy to overdo it :P

    1. the advantages of korean cosmetics, they're just so cute :)
      yeah, it's better to build up the blush rather than trying to carefully apply a super pigmented one