17 December 2013

Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream

I've been wanting to try a product similar to this for a very long time, many of you have probably heard of the very well known NYX soft matte lip creams, or even the Collection cream puffs, but I found this really affordable one, so I decided to try it out.

So the product comes in a standard tube, the cap twists off, revealing a doe foot applicator. I like the tube because the outside shows what shade/colour the actual product is, although it looks simple, I like it, and it simply does what it is supposed to. The applicator isn't too bad, but I find that it does apply the product a little bit streaky on my lips, so I think using a lip brush is the most suitable.

There are quite a few different other shades in this range, I have #95G, which I have no idea what it means. The colour is a nude/beige with a hint of rose in it, which I really like because it doesn't make me look deadly at all, and just suits my skin tone very well, I absolutely love the colour!

The consistency of the product is very thick, however, when applied, it feels very light weight and thin. Also, the texture feels like it's been whipped, almost like a mousse. It is very pigmented and goes onto the lips very smoothly. At first, it feels quite slippery on the lips, however, after a little while, it settles a little, but it isn't drying at all!

This isn't readily available in the drugstores, however you can purchase it from fragrancedirect, it is a great affordable price! This has made me want to try out the ones from Collection and NYX.

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