22 October 2015

Peripera Peri's Water Cushion

I haven't tried many cushion compacts, and the ones I own are more suitable for the warmer seasons, therefore I thought i'd purchase one that has a more moisturising formula. I've seen quite a few reviews on this new release from Peripera, so I decided to buy this one to test out.

The compact has a nice pale pink and black colour scheme with a character on the front, which is quite cute, but I actually prefer the character on the card box compared to the one on the compact though. Inside, there is an extra lid, which separates the air puff and the cushion, it not only makes it more hygienic, but it prevents the product from drying out as quickly. Of course, inside is the cushion that is soaked with the product, and a decent sized mirror, which makes it convenient to travel with.

Unfortunately, there are only 2 shades available, I have #2 Natural Beige, which is a really good match for my skin tone, it has the perfect amount of yellow undertones for my warm complexion, which can sometimes be difficult to find in Western makeup brands. It provides a good medium coverage that evens out the discolouration and redness on my face, and also covers up the majority of any small blemishes. It can also be sheered out for a lighter coverage, leaving a beautiful and undetectable finish, perfect for 'no makeup makeup' days. 

I love the formulation of this, it leaves a slightly dewy effect that isn't too greasy or shiny in any way, therefore it doesn't cling to dry areas and provides a little moisture, keeping the skin looking very natural. Despite this, it actually lasts very well on my skin, my t-zone can get extremely oily very quickly throughout the day, however, with this, I would only start to see the slightest bit of shine after about 10 hours of wear, which is absolutely amazing!

I've completely fallen in love with this product, i've literally used it non-stop since I purchased it, it's literally everything i've wanted from a base product. And the fact that it's in a cushion compact just makes it so much more convenient to use, I definitely recommend it! I purchased mine from eBay for around £14, which isn't cheap for a Korean drugstore brand, it would be nice if the price point was a bit more affordable though.

What are your thoughts on cushion compacts? Do you have any you would recommend?

14 October 2015

Lipstick Haulin'

I've realised that my lipstick collection has been expanding rather rapidly recently, which obviously means i've been purchasing quite a lot, so I thought i'd talk about some of the new additions that i've accumulated over the past few months. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick:
I own quite a few of these lipsticks already and quite like them, Revlon had an offer on, so I decided to pick this lipstick up on a whim. I got #415 Pink in the Afternoon, a pretty basic light pink shade, if I remember correctly, a while back, this particular shade was rather popular, but I think it would get a lot more use during the warmer seasons.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick:
Another offering from Revlon, this range of lipsticks is quite recent, the colour that appealed to me most was #830 Rose, as the name suggests, it's a lovely rosy pink shade, it's the perfect sort of colour to wear for a natural daily look, the formula is extremely creamy and smooth, and also very pigmented too.

Topshop Lipstick:
I adore Topshop lipsticks, not only are they of great quality, but they have a broad range of unique shade selections, I purchased #Lovestruck, a pinky mauve colour with slight purple tones, I thought the colour seemed pretty interesting, and it isn't something I have in my collection. 

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint:
When I saw the display of these products, I was quite excited as I didn't know this brand was available in the UK. This is a liquid lipstick housed in a squeeze tube, which is good, as it means it's more hygienic. I've got #Blushing, which is a bright purpley pink shade, it's a bit outside my comfort zone, but I thought i'd try something different to the usual colour I go for.

Fleur De Force Lipgloss:
I'm so happy for Fleur for her new makeup line, everything looks so pretty, as well as the makeup bag, I got the this lipgloss in the shade #020 Written in the Stars, it's a gorgeous rosy nude colour that looks very natural and would go with almost any makeup look. The formulation is also great, it glides smoothly onto the lips and has a bit of tackiness for it to last a while, but at the same time, it isn't uncomfortably sticky. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipsticks:
I absolutely love this range lipsticks, so when I saw that they released a collection of nude shades, I knew I had to get my hands on them. I picked up the shades #42, which is a pale pinky beige colour, it's almost a bit too pale, giving me the concealer lip look. I also got #45, a pinky brown with a bit of taupe undertones, making it quite a cool toned colour, which isn't very flattering on my skin. I really wanted to like these lipsticks, but I don't think I did a very good job with choosing the right shades as they don't suit my complexion very well.

MAC Lipstick:
Including this one, the rest of the lipsticks I will be showing are gifts that i've received. I've always had a long wish list of MAC lipstick shades that I want to purchase, but just never got round to it, so i'm glad I finally own one. #Captive is a berry toned purple colour which I think would be a very A/W appropriate shade, the satin formulation provides a semi-matte finish, which I really do like.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine:
This is the first ever lipstick i've owned from Chanel, it really feels so luxurious to own, I have #78 Interlude, which is a light peachy pink, this particular line of lipsticks was designed to be hydrating and provide sheer coverage, therefore it would be great for everyday wear or no makeup days as it gives a natural look.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick:
I've heard so many good things about this brand, especially this particular shade of lipstick, #Bitch Perfect, it's a beautiful peachy beige shade, a really nice nude on my lips. Furthermore, not only is the formula nice and creamy, but the packaging is stunning, I love the reflective rose gold tube.

So there was quite a lot of lip products to go through, but we're finally to the end, just want to thank the lovely friends who gifted me the last three lipsticks mentioned, they're all gorgeous and i'm so thankful. Also, I know the swatches look very similar, but believe me, they are different enough! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have you purchased any lip products recently? Would you recommend it?

12 October 2015

VDL X Kakao Friends Festival Apeach Blusher

I've had these for quite a while, but completely forgot to write up a post on them, they're too good to not write up a review on, so here are my thoughts. As soon as I saw these were released, I knew I had to get my hands on them, they are just too adorable to pass up.

As expected from Korean makeup, their packaging is always on point, the design has the Kakao Friends Apeach character as the motif and main focus, which is so cute, it's not just all over the card box, but it's also imprinted onto the actual powder itself. The blushes are housed in simple pink compacts, I actually like the minimal design as it makes it appear more professional. 

I own all 3 of the shades that are available in the range, #101 Shy Blush is a peachy pink, #301 Love Blind is a lavender colour, and the one i've been enjoying the most is #601 Blinking Eyes, which is a peachy orange, they all are quite light in colour, and lean more towards pastel hues. Despite not having any visible shimmers, it has a very slight sheeny finish, so they're not completely matte, but they're not shimmery either, which I like a lot. But I want to mention that before you use the product, the hearts do initially have a glitter overspray on them, but they disappear once you swirl your brush in them.

The texture feels very silky and smooth, the powder is very finely milled, ensuring that the pigments glide and onto the skin nicely. Although they are quite pale, they are still well pigmented, but not too strong that it would be easy to go overboard.

Overall, i'm very satisfied with my purchases, these are limited edition, but don't worry, they are still available, however, if you are interested in these, be sure to get them as soon as you can before they sell out. I purchased mine from eBay for around £14 each, which isn't cheap as this particular brand is more on the expensive side.

Have you tried Korean makeup? What would you recommend?