14 May 2015

Roaccutane Report #1 | Introductory

I've been dealing with acne for the past 5 years now, nearing to my 6th, I was recently prescribed Roaccutane, and started taking the medication on 10th April 2015, therefore I thought it would be helpful if I would share my personal experience with acne and different methods i've been going through to improve my skin even further.

I don't remember exactly, but when the acne first started appearing, which was when I was about 13, I didn't really bother dealing with it, I thought it would be a short phase of just "teenage spots", which of course, could've been the case, but that dragged on for about 2 years. Not only did it not improve, but it gradually became a lot worse, it mainly covered my entire forehead, and I would get spots on my nose quite frequently as well. 

So I decided to pay a visit to my GP, who prescribed Duac to me, which is a gel that you apply to the affected areas on the skin, I used it for about a year, and from what I remember, it didn't really make much of a difference.

I then went back to the GP and was prescribed Tetracyline, which is an antibiotic that fights bacteria within the body, they come in a capsule form which you take orally with water. This method worked better than the gel, most of the acne on my forehead and nose cleared up, and I only got the occasional few bumps. However, I started developing acne on my cheeks and jaw line, which I rarely had before, but I must say, it wasn't as bad as how my forehead initially was. Although my skin improved a lot more, a lot of it was still there, and I found that as soon as I stopped taking the capsules my skin would become a lot worse again. 

Therefore, after taking the antibiotics for a year, I decided I wanted something that would help my acne permanently, so off I went to the GP again, she referred me to a dermatologist, who prescribed Roaccutane to me. It contains isotretinoin, which works by suppressing the activity of sebaceous glands in the skin, which therefore reduces the production of oil.

Taking this medication of course meant that I had to stop taking tetracyline, therefore, for the first few days, I started to break out quite a bit, I had a few large spots dotted all around my face, I especially had quite a few on my forehead and nose. Furthermore, I noticed that I had a lot more blackheads on my nose as well, not only that, but I also got several spots on the décolletage area, which I scarcely ever had before. And of course, a very common side effect amongst many, which I pretty much instantly developed is dry lips.

So this is it for the introduction to my experience with acne and roaccutane so far, I hope you found this somewhat helpful. I will definitely be posting more reports to update you, I think I will be going through some of the side effects i've been having next, so be on the look out for that.

What are your thoughts on acne medication?

11 May 2015

A Few YouTube Channels #1

YouTube was the main kick off to my obsession with all things beauty, and because i'm subscribed to quite a large number of channels, I thought that it would be interesting to talk about a few of my favourites.

When it comes to UK bloggers, Anna is probably one of my top 5, which is definitely saying something. I adore all the content she puts up, from her beauty videos to her weekly vlogs, and her occasional fashion videos, and when it comes to makeup, she knows it all. I find our tastes are rather similar, so whenever she recommends anything, I instantly jot it onto my shopping list. Not only does she have great style, but her personality is lovely too, her videos aren't too rigid/serious which make it even more interesting to watch.

I usually lean towards Asian beauty trends and techniques because they are much more flattering for me, Kiko's channel is based in Hong Kong, I find that her videos cover a variety of different topics and styles surrounding Asia. They're not only informative, but also very creative and fun as well, I especially enjoy watching her makeup and hair tutorials as her style is quite cute and quirky.

Jung Saem Mool
Jung Saem Mool is an extremely well known makeup artist in Korea, her channel mainly consists of celebrity makeup tutorials, but she also does makeup looks that are wearable for the average person as well. The way the videos are filmed and edited are very professional, which makes it really easy to follow and see each step in detail, if you are wanting to know more about current Korean beauty trends, then this channel would be perfect for you.

I'm not hugely into fashion compared to how I am with beauty, but I love Jenn's channel, she is absolutely stunning and I am completely obsessed with her amazing style, her outfit choices and the way she coordinates everything together is just so incredible. I love all her videos, but if I had to choose one, it would be the What Would Jenn Wear? series, she gives great fashion advice!

This is slightly different to my usual content, but I hope you enjoyed reading! There are so many more channels I want to recommend, I don't even know how I was able to restrict myself to such a small number, but I will be doing more of these posts in the future, so be on a look out for those!

What are some of your favourite YouTube channels?

7 May 2015

Seasonal Selection | SS15 Cheeks

A product I always change up depending on my makeup, the weather, or just my mood is blush. Therefore of course, as we are entering the warmer months, i've been whipping out the brighter colours that I tend to stay away from during the colder seasons. So I thought it would be interesting to talk through the blushes that I think are great and would be suitable for Spring and Summer. 

From left to right: Max Factor, H&M, Makeup Revolution, Mac

From left to right: Essence, Topshop, Sleek

First up is an all-rounder, the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush #Lavish Mauve is a rosy pink colour with slight mauve undertones, it can be easily worn with literally anything because it's such a neutral and natural colour. Moreover, it has tiny reflective particles in it, which leaves a lovely dewiness to the skin, perfect to achieve a healthy glow without any visible shimmer/glitter. 

A very adorable and rather aesthetically pleasing option is the H&M Blusher #Spring Flower, the rose embossing is stunning. The blush is a mixture of oranges, pinks and peaches, which results to a pretty coral flush when swirled altogether.

Looking for a bright pink? The Makeup Revolution Blush #Hot! may be what you're looking for, to be precise, it's along the lines of Pantone's Honeysuckle Pink, which is a gorgeous colour. But be sure to knock off the excess and use a light hand as it is extremely pigmented, i'm sure you don't want to end up looking like a clown. 

The Mac High-Light Powder #Crew is a pale pastel pink, pastel colours are what I instantly think of when it comes to Spring, and although it may not sound too appealing to apply them to the cheeks, it actually looks really pretty. Despite it being quite a light colour, it doesn't appear chalky at all, and it helps to brighten up the face and gives a cute and youthful look.

If you are on a bit of a budget, consider the Essence Blush Up! Powder Blush #Heat Wave, it is a blush with an ombré of orange and pink, not only does it look incredible, but it essentially means you have 3 colours in 1 compact. If you use each side separately, you have an orange blush and a pink blush, but if you mix both together, you get a coral blush as well. 

I absolutely love cream blushes as they blend in so beautifully with such little effort, and one of my favourites is the Topshop Cream Blush #Flush, which provides a nice pop of corally pink to the cheeks. It has a great cream to powder finish, yet it still has a subtle sheen to it, which I do like quite a bit. 

The Sleek Blush By 3 #Lace is orange blush heaven, it includes 3 different shades of orange blushes: a yellow toned matte orange, a coral with gold shimmer (known to be similar to NARS Orgasm), and a vibrant mandarin orange. It's a very convenient palette, ideal for travelling, and is an amazing value for the price. 

That's it, I hope you enjoyed reading and found this helpful, I will be doing more seasonal selection posts on categories such as lips and nails (wink wink, nudge nudge), so be sure to look out for those, they will be coming your way very soon!

What are a few of your favourite blushes to wear during Spring & Summer?