24 November 2014

NARS Douceur Blush

There has been rumours hovering around that this particular shade of blush from NARS is being discontinued, as soon as I heard about this, I had to purchase it as it has been on my wishlist for quite a while. 

The product is packaged in the typical NARS black rubberised compact, it does tend to be a magnet for dust and fingerprints, which can be slightly frustrating for some, but doesn't really bother me too much. And there is a good reason for the rubberised finish, it's supposed to act as a shock absorber, therefore minimising the risk of the powder shattering.

There are 34 shades available, and of course, I have #Douceur, which is a neutral rosey matte brown shade, I love these types colours as it literally goes with every makeup look, furthermore, it looks really natural and not only can it be used as a blush, but can also be used for a subtle contour too. This would look absolutely stunning for those who have fair-medium skin, I don't think it would show up very well on those have darker skin. 

The texture of the powder is very smooth and soft, therefore glides onto the skin very beautifully, and blends in very well. The blush is  well pigmented, but it isn't too pigmented that you can go overboard with, as you wouldn't want to end up looking like a clown, but it can be built up to quite a strong colour if you layered it. 

If you've been considering to purchase this blush, I definitely urge you to purchase this as soon as possible before they discontinue it. These are available for £22.50, I purchased mine from asos, with a 20% student discount code. 

17 November 2014

Essence Cosmetics

I was quite excited to find out that Essence had arrived to the UK a few months ago, but quickly disappointed by the fact that they would only be available in Wilko as there aren't any stores close to where I live. However, I was visiting a friend and spotted one, so I dashed in and came out with these two products that i've been wanting to try from them.

The products are housed in clear plastic compacts, that are quite thick and sturdy, and snap shut with the most satisfying clicks. Although they aren't particularly luxurious, 
considering the price, the packaging is rather good, and of course, ensures that the actual products won't get damaged. However, a downside is that there are no mirrors included inside, therefore these won't be as efficient to use when travelling.

First up is the All About Nude Eyeshadow Palette, this palette includes 6 pigmented eyeshadows, they are very blendable and glide onto the skin very smooth and seamlessly. Furthermore, they aren't powdery at all, which is amazing for such an affordable price, as cheaper eyeshadows typically are quite powdery. 

From left to right, first off there is a frosty white, a shimmery pink and a rosey taupe, then moving onto the second row, there's a pearly/iridescent pink, a dark cool toned brown and finally, a purpley burgundy colour. I think these are perfect colours for A/W and I have done a tutorial using this palette, so be sure to check that out.

Next is something that I was very excited about, as it isn't something you always see on the market, especially for such a great price, and that is the Blush Up! Powder Blush, which is an ombre/gradient blush. I chose the colour 10 Heat Wave, on the left side is a bright orange, on the right is a bright pink, and in between the both, or if you mix the both together, a corally peach colour can be achieved.

This blush is very pigmented, so it's important to remember to use a light hand, and slowly layer it on to achieve the desired results. Although it does have a bit of a powdery texture, it applies and blends onto the skin very nicely. 

I definitely recommend these products, especially to those who are on a budget as I purchased both products individually for less than £4 which is an amazing value! I also want to try out the other products available from the brand. 

What is your favourite product from Essence? x

10 November 2014

Current Favourites #3

I cannot believe that I haven't done a current favourites in 6 months! So of course, I definitely had to post an update on the beauty products I've been loving at the moment.

Let's kick this post off with the Max Factor All Day Primer, this has quickly become one of my HG products that I must use every time I apply makeup. I was never one who'd use primers before, but I am a total convert now, this is literally the best for oil control, I no longer have to check myself out in the mirror every hour to blot my greasy face down anymore, which is always an amazing thing.

A product I would avoid at all cost were highlighters, as someone who has scars, acne and oily skin, I never would've thought they'd look good on my skin. However, as mentioned above, my oil control game has been upgraded, and my skin condition has generally improved quite a bit, therefore I decided to try them out. So I dug through my collection and found the Sleek Contour Kit, which I mainly purchased for the bronzer, but I have really been enjoying the highlighter, it is a beautiful champagne colour that really makes the skin glow and is perfect for making the skin look a lot healthier during the colder months. But, I do need to give credit to the awesome brush I use to apply it as well...

...And that brush is the Contour Brush from the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection, I also have to mention the Face Brush as well. Because these brushes are duo-fibered, they pick up a lot less product, which has really helped me become a lot better at applying cheek products as I usually tend to go quite overboard. So I own two face brushes, I use one for bronzer/contouring and the other for blush, and I use the contour brush to apply highlighter on the highest points of my face as it is the perfect size.

I recently purchased the Maybelline Color Elixirs, which you may have seen my review on already, they are one of the best lip glosses I have ever tried, they're thick and so creamy, therefore gliding onto the lips very smoothly, not only that, but they also stay on for quite a while despite being a gloss which usually wears off quite quickly. If you want to know about these more in depth, then be sure to check out my full review.

I've picked up the habit of applying some sort of lip tint before any other product can go on my lips, it is mainly because if the product on top wears off, my lips would still have a little colour underneath, which helps me look just a bit more alive. I was previously using the Benefit Benetint, but i've slowly ran out, so i've been using the Peripera Tint Water, which is, in my opinion, much more pigmented than the aforementioned product.

I received the SNP Diamond Water Sleeping Pack as a gift a few months ago, and I have literally been obsessed since, I usually don't mention about skincare products very often as I have a very complicated skin type and typically cannot tell if a product is doing much for me or not, but I can really tell that this is definitely doing some good for my skin. This is an overnight sleeping mask that I apply after my skincare routine, and wash off in the morning, it includes hyaluronic acid, which is amazing for hydrating the skin, when I wake up the next day after applying this, my skin tone looks a lot more even, brighter and moisturised.

That's been all for my current favourites, I hope you found this some what informative/helpful!

What are your current favourite products? x