24 September 2015

New At The Drugstore #4

It really has been such a long time since I last did one of these posts, I know, I say this every time, but it's true. I really can't wait to share about the new releases that i'm super excited for with you all, i'm very much looking forward to purchasing them for myself!

First up is the Fleur De Force Makeup Line, Fleur is one of my all time favourite people to watch on YouTube, therefore i'm extremely proud and happy for her. The range includes a cosmetic bag, a compact mirror, 2 eyeshadow quads and 6 lipglosses, I especially want to get the cosmetic bag and lipglosses, they look absolutely gorgeous. The products are available from feelunique ranging from around £5 - £9, which is nice and affordable.

H&M Beauty has recently had a total revamp and makeover, presenting us with super sleek and high quality looking products, I really must commend them on the design of the new packaging, it seems so much more professional. Not only have they updated their previously existing products, but have also added a lot more to the collection. I have already purchased a few things, and I am quite pleased, so be sure to look out for an upcoming review! And of course, the line is available from H&M online and in stores ranging from £2 - £10.

You probably know already that highlighters have been all the rage for quite a while now, and in my opinion, I think that it's quite rare for drugstore brands to get these sorts of products just right for my personal preferences. When I swatched the Collection Speedy Highlighter, I knew I had to have it, its such a stunning champagne colour, and when compared to others on the market, its quite subtle and natural looking, which I really look for in a highlighter. This is available from both Superdrug and Boots for £3.99.
I've always been a huge fan of lipsticks from Maybelline, so when I saw the Maybelline The Creamy Mattes Lipsticks, I was very excited, i'm all about matte lip products when it comes to the colder seasons, therefore I can't wait to get my hands on a few shades. There are 6 colours in the range, priced at £6.99 each from Superdrug and Boots.

Onto another line of new lipsticks, Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks, I don't think they've been launched just yet, but it will be very soon. It claims to be a hybrid formulation, combining both longevity and moisturisation, so i'm looking forward to see how these would perform. There are a total of 15 colours within the range, and will be available in Superdrug and Boots for £6.99.

So this is it, I hope you enjoyed reading and found it interesting, I can't wait to get my hands on all these products to test out and see how they work for me! 

What new launches are you looking forward to?

17 September 2015

The 'Me Time' Tag

I know this tag was created a while ago, but I thought i'd do it anyways because I find it very relatable, you can see the original by Estée & Amelia right below. Since i'm quite an introvert, i'm a very 'me time' person, I really enjoy having time and space to myself whenever I can, I just find it really relaxing and comforting, so lets get onto the questions.

1. What do you watch or read during me-time?
I actually tend to watch a lot of different things, of course, i'm obsessed with YouTube, so I always like to catch up with the new videos in my subscription box. I also like to watch Korean variety shows, one of my all time favourites is Running Man, it is a great show that comes up with a ton of unique and interesting ideas, it's a great choice if you're looking for a laugh. 

In terms of reading, i'm currently in the middle of 1Q84 3 by Haruki Murakami, the narrative is quirky and different to anything else i've ever read, so far it's quite intriguing and I keep wanting to know what happens next, so i'm looking forward to see how it ends. For something that doesn't need much brain work, I enjoy reading manga, which is a style of Japanese comic books, they have a broad range of options and genres, therefore I can choose what to read depending on my mood.

2. What do you wear during me-time? #nobra

I'm all about the comfort, so I usually wear an oversized sweater, you know, I need to fully enjoy the freedom, and for the bottoms, I just wear some basic leggings from Primark or something. And of course, #nobra, as Amelia says, "Home is where the bra is not."

3. What are your me-time beauty products?
I love to have a little pamper session, I especially like to use some sort of face mask, I have many a choice in my stash to choose from, so sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision. But one I always go back to time and time again is the Aloe Vera My Beauty Diary Mask, it is a lovely sheet mask that helps to hydrate and soothe the skin, which is perfect for my sensitive, combination skin. 

4. Current favourite nail polish? 
Although it's nearing Autumn, in regards to nails, i'm still in Spring/Summer mode, first up is a beautiful neutral off-white shade, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint #Coconut, which I think can be an all-rounder colour since it goes with pretty much everything. I have another number from Barry M, which is the Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint #Eat My Dust, it is a gorgeous pastel powder blue shade, and as the name suggests, dries down very quickly.

5. What do you eat/drink during me-time?
I just eat anything that's lying around to be honest, it's usually some sort of biscuit or chocolate, actually, I do have something i'm loving at the moment, the Cadbury Pretzels, they're the combination of both sweet and savoury, which may not sound the most appealing, but they are so delicious. Dried Mango Slices are also amazing, I don't know if they're healthy or not, but they sound healthy, so it makes me think i'm a little healthier (great theory).

6. Current favourite candle?
I don't really burn candles, so i'll pass this question...

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
I'm more of an indoors person, but if I do go out, I really like to go shopping alone, it sounds lame, but I prefer it when i'm by myself as I can go at my own pace, I especially love going to Boots/Superdrug, I could literally spend hours browsing in there. I sometimes quite like going to book stores or libraries, the environment in those sort of places are usually nice and peaceful. 

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?
I'm not really a great fan of going to the movies, however, if there was a film that I really wanted to watch and nobody else did, I probably would go alone, I don't see why not. But to be honest, I typically don't have a huge interest in movies. 

9. Favourite online shop?
It definitely has to be asos for me, it just has such a broad selection of products at different price ranges. Furthermore, it not only has fashion items, but also beauty products etcetera, I personally think it's a great place that would have almost anything you would need.

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
I completely agree with Estée & Amelia here, I like organising/tidying, it just gives me a lot of satisfaction, which is amazing, something like re-organising my makeup storage or doing the laundry is actually rather enjoyable for me. Of course, this blog is part of my me-time too, therefore planning and drafting up posts is a pleasant time for me.

What do you do during me-time?

Kiko Rebel Romantic Intensely Lavish Lipsticks

The limited edition collections that Kiko launches always seem interesting and pretty, I was especially drawn by this newly released Rebel Romantic range. I initially purchased one lipstick, when I used it, I fell head over heels for it, so I went back and bought 3 more, and I don't regret it at all.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, it looks so luxurious that I would be totally convinced if I was told it's a high-end product. The lipsticks are housed in gold mirrored tubes, that have a strong magnetic closure, ensuring that the product inside is protected.

I own 4 of the 6 shades available within the range, the first one I picked up is #01 Lust Peony, this is a beautiful rosy pink colour, and is a perfect MLBB shade on me, which is great for everyday wear. Continuing on with natural looking colours, #02 Pretty Mauve is slightly similar, but also different, as the name suggests, it's a mauve shade, it has slight rosy brown undertones and is a little darker. Moving on, we have #04 Mild Sangria, this is a deep rosy pink colour, if you are looking for a bold lip colour, but a bit toned down, I think this would be a good option. Since we are moving into the colder months, I had to pick up something a bit more Autumnal, so I got #06 Melodious Wine, which is a gorgeous bright burgundy shade with cherry pink undertones.

The texture of these lipsticks are amazing, they are so creamy and smooth, and the way they glide on is incredible. Furthermore, they feel really moisturising and also leave a lovely satin finish on the lips. Despite the moisturising formula, compared to others, they last for quite a while, but of course, don't expect them to stay on for hours, because they won't.

If you can't tell already, I totally love these lipsticks, the only disappointing thing is that they are limited edition, i'm going to be so bummed out when I finish them. So if you are interested in these lipsticks, definitely purchase them as soon as you can before they go, they are available in Kiko stores and online for £6.90. I'm really starting to enjoy Kiko products more and more, so i'll definitely be looking into the brand and the products they offer.

Are there any products from Kiko you would recommend?